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Club 2%
Club 2% The Logical Coaching Game
Club 2% Games
Club 2% 愛因斯坦的謎題
Club 2% hk
Kod Kod

Club 2% The Logical Coaching Game, Age 4+ 愛因斯坦的謎題, 84個挑戰學推理

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Einstein's Riddle' is said to have been invented by Albert Einstein as a boy. It is said that he claimed only 2% of the world's population would be able to solve it. This ingenious puzzle set has been based on Einstein's Riddle, but don't worry, because this version is much more solvable and has been broken down into 84 challenges with increasing levels of difficulty. 

This is how it works. In front of you is a row of houses. Each is home to a different person and in some cases, their pet. Combining the clues that you are given with logical deduction, your challenge each time is to work out who lives where. The concept is brilliant and the puzzles fantastic!

  • Do YOU belong to the 2% who can solve Einstein’s puzzle? It is said that his puzzle can only be solved by 2% of the world, but don't worry, this version is broken down!
  • Classic Who-Goes-Where logic puzzle with clues and over 80 difficulty levels that enhances cognitive ability & logical deduction. Solve who lives in which house with which pet by sorting out the given clues and using logic!

How to Play ?

  1. Arrange the houses on the table with the fences connecting them.
  2. Sort the cards in ascending order from 1-84 facing up.
  3. Check the top of the card for which pets and/or people you need to solve the challenge and put them in front of you (e.g. if the top of the card only shows the 'people' symbol, set up the people and leave the pets in the box).
  4. Pick up a challenge card and read all the clues.
  5. Decide which clues are more important than others and follow the sequence to solve the challenge. Using the clues and your logical deduction skills, place the figures in the correct houses.
  6. Solve all 84 challenges and be just like Einstein!


  • 5 plastic houses
  • 10 3D plastic game pieces - 5 people and 5 pets
  • 84 challenge cards containing riddles of increasing difficulty levels
  • Ages 4 and above
  • Brand : Kod Kod






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