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Code & Go Robot Mouse Math Pack

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Code & Go™ Robot Mouse Math Pack

Tackle early math concepts in the Code & Go Robot Mouse Math expansion set. Using the included number and coding cards, dice, and playmat, you can introduce core coding concepts to lessons in addition, subtraction, number sequencing, and more.

The possibilities here are as varied as they are fun—kids might program Colby the Mouse to find only odd- or even-numbered cards, plot out a sequence of directional commands using the results of dice rolls, or figure out the coding commands needed to send Colby to a specific number on the playmat. In addition to open-ended play and learning possibilities, the Code & Go Robot Mouse Math expansion set also comes with an Activity Guide filled with multiple levels of games, lessons, and suggestion for integrating Colby the Mouse’s coding functions into everyday math lessons. Colby the Mouse not included.

  • Expansion set for Learning Resources’ popular Code & Go Robot Mouse adds math activities to hands-on coding challenges
  • Introduce fundamental math skills including addition, subtraction, number sequencing, and more
  • Included Activity Guide features multiple levels of games and challenges that grow alongside kids’ skills

  • 介紹基本的數學技能,包括加法,減法,數字排序等
  • 隨附的《活動指南》提供了多個級別的遊戲和挑戰,這些挑戰和挑戰與孩子們的技能一起增長
  • 可配合Colby the Mouse共同使用 (此套裝不包括)

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