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Learning Resources Dive into Shapes Geometric Shapes Building Set 2D & 3D 幾何積木拼砌套裝

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Perfect for any construction-savvy sweetie, this set features colorful sticks, curves and connectors for creating a multitude of 2-D and 3-D shapes. Included activity cards help spur imagination and teach design skills. 

  • Geometric shape building set
  • HANDS ON LEARNING: Children gain hands-on experience creating composite shapes, identifying shape attributes, and partitioning circles and squares into equal parts
  • GEOMETRY SKILLS: Supports academic state standards in geometry and early recognition skills
  • 129-PIECE SET: Includes - 60 sticks in 3 sizes, 20 curves, 34 connectors, and 15 double-sided activity cards
  • Connectors: 1'' diameter
  • Plastic
  • Recommended for ages 6 years and up

★ 進階129件裝: 60支3種長短幼直桿, 20支彎桿, 34個可用作連接小圓球及15張指導卡分別學習建構30個2D及3D形狀的 (如圖片及影片)
★ 每張指導卡由淺入深, 清楚區分2D及3D圖形, 形狀名字, 組成的點線數量及引導性思考問題
★ 備有直桿及彎桿, 能建構任何直線及曲線圖形, 涵概範圍更廣泛
★ 訓練手眼協調, 辨識形狀, 促進早期幾何學, 跟指示, 解難, 觀察力, 專注力, 耐性, 批判性思維和精細運動技能等,
★ 塑膠製
★ 合6歲或以上, 或可按程序使用(香港K3開始學習立體幾何概念)
★ 100%原裝美國入口

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