Foot Care 50ml 足部抗菌護理液

Foot Care 50ml 足部抗菌護理液

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This product made in New Zealand is a hundred percent organic formulation, environmental protection non-toxic, non-alcoholic, mild nature, not sensitized, which is suitable for infants, elderly, pregnant women and adults.

The product is made by the most advanced biotechnology and nanotechnology and adopts the method of stabbing and killing pathogen to kill bacteria and viruses.

Certifications issued by multinational testing institutions (including the United States FDA, New Zealand Quality Supervision Bureau) proved that it can be used for a long time 24 hours for 99.99% sterilization.

It is designed for foot, with using once and effective for 24 hours, which can effectively eliminate the common fungi on the foot, including Trichophyton causing tinea pedis (also known as athlete's foot), and greatly reduce the stink smell, especially suitable for hiking or before running before.