Fraction Action Game 份數概念桌遊
Fraction Action Game 份數概念桌遊
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Fraction Action Game 份數概念桌遊

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Little learners will explore division and components in this engaging, educational game. Combine the pieces to complete the circles and win while strengthening fine motor skills and fraction recognition through play.

- Includes 58 plastic fraction pieces and 16 activity cards
- Two to four players
- Recommended for ages 5 to 8 years
- Imported

★ 教導範圍 : 份數如何組成一個整體,以面積具體顯示份數數字意義, 大細數值比較, 加減運算概念
★ 包括: 58塊不同數值份數併圖, 有顏色標示, 16張遊戲活動卡
★ 可2-4人同玩
★ 合5歲或以上 (亦可按興趣及程度提前或推遲使用)
★ 100%原裝美國入口

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