Fraction Tower Equivalency Cube Set
Fraction Tower

Fraction Tower Equivalency Cube Set 分數 / 點數 / 百分比轉換概念教材遊戲

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★ 包括: 51件不同份額的可扣連立方段(1/1至1/12), 及教導指南
★ 教導範圍 : 份數如何組成一個整體,以體積具體顯示份數數字意義. 展示 '分數' ,'點數' 及 '百分比' 之間關係,大細數值比較, 運算概念等
★ 合6歲或以上 (亦可按興趣及認知配合程度靈活使用)
★ 100%原裝美國入口

This set of colorful interlocking cubes in assorted sizes helps young learners visualize fraction concepts and consider decimal relations as they arrange them in various combinations.

  • Includes 51 color-coded pieces
  • Packaged: 8.1'' W x 7.2'' H x 2.1'' D
  • Fraction, decimal and percent markings on each side
  • Plastic
  • Recommended for ages 6 years and up