Smart Games IQ Stars / 智力閃星星
IQ Stars / 智力閃星, 120個過關挑戰, 慳位耐玩! 合6歲或以上

IQ Stars / 智力閃星, 120個過關挑戰, 慳位耐玩! 合6歲或以上

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• Can you fit all the stars in the grid?
• Place the star puzzle piece(s) as indicated on the challenge card. Then fill the game board with the remaining puzzle pieces.
• The side with coloured stars should face upward. Puzzle pieces cannot overlap each other or the border of the game board!
• The compact and portable design allows adults and kids to enjoy mind-challenging fun anytime anywhere!
• 120 challenges to stimulate various cognitive skills

• 你能夠將所有的星星拼圖密鋪在遊戲盤內嗎﹖
• 依照挑戰咭上的圖案,將7塊不同顏色的星星拼圖放到遊戲板上。
• 緊記!有顏色的一面必須向上,星星拼圖不能互相重疊及超越遊戲板!
• 設計方便攜帶外出,讓大人及小朋友可以隨時隨地一起動腦筋。
• 120個挑戰,考你腦筋並有助提升各種認知能力!