Magnetic Addition Machine
Magnetic Addition Machine 學習加數教材工具

Magnetic Addition Machine 學習加數教材工具

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★ 包括磁石藍綠色杯各一1, 藍綠色小球各10個, 磁石漏斗, 磁石11吋長長形透明托盤, 數字線和等號 (可自行調較斜度)
★ 呎吋: 闊11.5'' x 高6.9" x 4''
★ 合4歲或以上 (可按程度提早或推遲使用)
★ 100%原裝美國入口

For a hands-on way to teach math skills to your little one. Stick the magnetic cups, funnel, and tray to magnetic surfaces for demonstrations. Count and drop the balls into the cups, tilt and pour balls into the addition funnel and through to the numbered tray and then count the total.

- Includes two cups, funnel, 20 balls, number line, equals sign and tray
- Tray: 11'' L
- 11.5'' W x 6.9'' H x 4'' D
- Recommended for a ages four years and up