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Nuts & Bolts Toy
螺絲 / 螺絲母教材玩具
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64 pieces Nuts & Bolts Toy Bucket Set for playgroups, 螺絲 / 螺絲母教材玩具, 連收納筒

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Early learners will get hands on with fine motor skills with these colourful, chunky nuts and bolts! Bumper set reinforces a variety of basic maths skills including colour and shape recognition as well as sorting and patterning skills. Plastic nuts and bolts different sizes of thread, ideal for introducing early problem-solving skills as children work to find the correct nut for each bolt. Fidgeting fingers will be kept occupied as children will love screwing the nuts and bolts together for some fine motor skill development fun.

  • Includes 64 pieces, 32 nuts, 32 bolts
  • 8 shapes, 4 colors
  • Bolts measure 6cm Length
  • Comes in handy storage tub
  • Packaged: 22.35 x 18.54 x 18.54 cm
  • Ages 3 or above
🙌Development Toy ♚ 精 細 動 作 訓 練 : 螺 絲 / 螺 絲 母 教 材 玩 具 ♚

唔好睇少呢幾粒野, 好多 Playgroup 都用呢D Development Toy 幫助孩子發展精細動作鍛鍊架! 呢D 螺絲/螺絲母 除左可以比孩子識顏色, 做配對. 唔好睇少佢好似好簡單啊, 透過動作如兩隻小手須於不同方向角度扭轉等, 可刺激小腦袋, 有助發展小肌肉運動技能, 👀手眼協調, 觸覺技能, 同埋集中力訓練架! 係幼兒階段最適切啱玩嘅Development Toy!

★ 一套64件, 包括32個螺母,32個螺栓
★ 8種形狀,4種顏色
★ 螺栓長6厘米
★ 附有方便收納的儲物桶
★ 儲物桶尺寸: 22.35 x 18.54 x 18.54厘米
★ 物料: 塑料
★ 訓練認形狀, 顏色, 做配對, 刺激小腦袋, 邏輯思考, 推論思考, 有助發展小肌肉運動技能, 手眼協調, 觸覺技能, 及官能集中訓練
🔍 此玩具須用"手腕"扭轉動作較多, 對日後寫字時需要運用的小肌肉予以力度及靈活性的訓練.
★ 3歲或以上可用(可分階段按程度提早或推遲使用)

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