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Zoono Odour Fresh
ZOONO Odour Fresh 50ml 24小時長效體味清新噴霧, 孕婦兒童合用

ZOONO Odour Fresh 50ml 24小時長效體味清新噴霧, 孕婦兒童合用

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This product is produced in New Zealand and is a hundred percent organic formulation, environmentally friendly non-toxic.

This product does not contain alcohol, and it is safe, gentle and suitable for allergic skin, and won a number of international professional certification (including the United States FDA, New Zealand Quality Supervision Bureau).

It is designed for people troubled by the body odour, using once and effective for 24 hours, which can kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses and bacteria causing odor, greatly reduce body odour, including A and B influenza viruses (H5N1, H1N1, Escherichia coli, MRSA, etc. more than one hundred kinds of pathogenic substances, as well as prevention of infection.

Zoono Odour Fresh is colorless and tasteless, free of metal or alcohol and not easy for sensitization.


  • 50ml spray bottle size


  • 2years+

🏆 Zoono Odour Fresh跟市面上一般傳統的止汗除臭劑完全不同,Zoono 體味清新液完全🙅不含鋁或其他金屬💀﹝一般傳統的止汗除臭劑均透過以金屬阻塞毛孔來收短暫止汗之效﹞,它是以Zoono的環保無毒長效滅菌抗菌專有配方調製,可以抗滅引致臭味的細菌,從而達到除臭的效果。絕對不影響汗腺分泌,只針對消滅臭味源頭!!!

 作 用 : 能去除由細菌引致的汗味、體臭及異味之餘,更可抗滅99.99%黏附於皮膚表面的細菌達24小時。絕不影響汗腺分泌,只針對細菌本身帶來的臭味!

♡Zoono專利納米技術 - 廿四小時長效♡

★ 劃一容量:50ml毫升
★ 噴霧裝設計,便攜,噴咀無須接觸皮膚,合乎衛生
★ 按噴一下大概消耗0.1ml,一樽50ml平均可噴500下; 如一日用一次,每次按噴四下,一樽已可用上125天,抵用!
★ 使 用 方 法 :
廣泛噴灑於腋下或其他有需要地方,待乾後,它能於皮膚表面形成長達 24小時有效的抗菌屏障。期間可經歷多次抹洗而不減效力,直至皮膚表皮因為新陳代謝而自然脫落為止,期間不 須 補 噴!
★ 產地:紐西蘭
★ 主要有效成分 Active Ingredient :
3- (tri-methoxysilyl) propyldimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride
★ 有效期:2年或以上

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