Phonics Dominoes 拼音接龍遊戲教材
Phonics Dominoes 拼音接龍遊戲教材

Phonics Dominoes 拼音接龍遊戲教材

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★ 拼音接龍: 包括84塊雙面及6種顏色編碼的字詞方塊
★ 包括複合音: Blends: br, cr, dr, fr, gr, tr, bl, cl, fl, pl, sl, sk, sm, sn, sp, st & Digraphs: ch, sh, th, wh
★ 可網上下載活動指南, 用遊戲形式學習
★ 6歲或以上合用 (可以按程度提早或推遲應用)
★ 100%原裝美國入口
★ 另有同品牌較Junior的Short /Long Vowels可供選擇, 歡迎pm查詢!

- Build hundreds of words with 84 single-sided dominoes in a sturdy, clear storage container.

- Dominoes are in bright colors and preprinted with most-often-used consonants and word families.

- Packed in a sturdy, crystal-clear storage container.

- Children will learn to build hundreds of words from this hands-on exploration of phonics

- Grades 1+