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Spring Sale 🌸 Free Gifts for Order $300+
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Pillow & Seat Belt Cover Set

Head and Neck Support Pillow & Seat Belt Cover Set, Age 0-1 幼兒雙面料頭頸枕連安全帶套, 舒適安全!

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The perfect on-the-go travel buddy to keep your toddler’s delicate neck and head snuggly in place, allowing toddler to snooze in the car without having to worry about forward head slouching thanks to our special magnetic closure. This lovable Travel Friend lets you and your toddler enjoy a neck-discomfort-free ride!
Pattern: Lion ; Fit age 0-1.

Head and neck support: 

  • Unique shaped design provides total head and neck support
  • Hidden magnet connect supports chin and helps prevent forward head slumping
  • Reversible! Soft cozy plush and cool fabric
  • Crash Tested FMVSS 213 for maximum safety
  • Complies to all internaitonal children and toy standards
Seat belt pal/ Cover
  • Thick cushioned fabric is at the core of this seat belt pal
  • With travel friends seat belt pals, every trip is a comfortable pleasure, no matter how far you have to go
  • Keep your child safe and protected by preventing chafing and roughness of seatbelts/harness
  • Perfect for car seats and strollersMachine washable
  • Machine Wash/ cold water 

go go go~ Benbat小童安全帶套, 舒適安全!

有冇發現小朋友架坐駕條安全帶, 成日都會刮倒佢塊面呢?! 尤其佢地一坐車就瞓, 真係要揾個軟棉棉、安全物料造嘅包住條安全帶先夠安全啦!! 

美國Benbat 品牌設計出名料靚款又得意, 佢除左最出名嘅雙面料頭頸枕」外, 呢套安全帶cover都一樣正, 底部仲有個小口袋, 可比你放小朋友D奶咀啊玩具啊! 超細心哦~~~

★ 黃色獅子款 
★★ 頸枕質地像真正枕頭一樣軟綿綿
★ 頸枕獨特中空設計,給予更舒適全面承托
★ 頸枕兩邊底部特厚設計,連接保護著下巴增加承托
★ 頸枕雙面不同面料, 冬暖夏涼, 四季都啱用 (reversible summer side)
★ 頸枕尺寸約:長23cm x 闊30cm x 厚6.4cm
★★ 安全帶套一套左右兩個
★ 安全帶套尺寸約:15.5 x 6cm
★ 安全帶套有一小袋, 可放玩具等小物
★ 0-1歲適用
★ 可機洗(請入網袋) 
★ 物料: Polyester
★ 100%美國原裝入口

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