Sentence Building Games
Sentence Building Puzzles 進階版造句拼圖
Sentence Building Puzzles 進階版造句拼圖
Sentence Building Puzzles 進階版造句拼圖
Sentence Building Puzzles 進階版造句拼圖
Sentence Building Puzzles 進階版造句拼圖

Sentence Building Puzzles 進階版造句拼圖

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The Big Box of Sentence Building allows young learners to practice sentence making, sight word fluency and reading. This learning tool contains 250 interlocking game pieces for endless education and fun. Going beyond putting words in order, the sentence builder activity pieces are also color-coded to identify parts of speech and form a foundation for proper grammar.

The set includes nouns, pronouns and determiners, verbs including helping and linking, adverbs, adjectives and articles to provide instruction that meets NCTE standards. The literacy resource set features familiar sight words, punctuation cards and four blank dry erase cards to teach sentence construction, improve sight word recognition and practice reading in one fun activity. The set includes an instruction booklet outlining games and activities for fun and engaging ways to build vocabulary, increase fluency and teach punctuation and grammar.

  • Improve sight word recognition, build vocabulary, increase fluency, teach punctuation, and introduce grammar.
  • Features 250 puzzle pcs. (2.2 in. x 2.2 in.) that are color-coded by part of speech they represent.
  • Also includes 4 blank write-on/wipe-off puzzle pcs.4 pg. booklet with directions and teaching suggestions.
  • Games include Scrambled Sentences, Spinner Game, and much more.
  • Supports National Ccouncil Teachers of English standards. Winner Creative Child Awards. 

    ♚ 獲 獎 教 材 🏆 進 階 版  造 句 拼 圖 ♚ #唔駛驚重組句子 #預備小一 #輕鬆學識延展句子

    呢一套榮獲🎖Winner of the Creative Child Award 入門造句套裝, 大大盒有250張配對 Puzzle 字卡喔!! 實用又夠趣味啦 ~

    孩子已學左一定數量嘅英文生字, 開始嘗試一句句咁表達意思, 就可以同佢玩下造句拼圖啦!! 呢套得獎教材, 250塊字詞拼圖的左上角都有📍顏色提示, 不同顏色就代表佢嘅詞性, 名詞, 動詞, 副詞, 就連標點符號都有架~~ 由最簡單的短句子開始玩起, 加深學過的Sight Word常見字, 熟悉句子結構, 玩下延長句子意思....係學習過程當中加上小小趣味, 咁就事半功倍啦. 學Grammer好悶? 邊個話架! 哼! 

    🏆 獲獎: Winner of the Creative Child Award 🏆

    ★ 250張配對拼圖字卡
    ★ 每張字卡左上角都有顏色提示, 不同顏色就代表字詞性質
    ★ 訓練熟習句子結構及延長句子, 標點符號應用等
    ★ 5歲或以上合用 (美國5歲入學, 香港較早入學, 可以按程度應用)
    ★ 100%原裝美國入口