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Zoono Skin

Zoono Skin Clear and Acne 50ml 抗菌淨膚液, 暗瘡皮膚/ 青少年合用

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This product made in New Zealand is a hundred percent organic formulation, environmental protection non-toxic, non-alcoholic, mild nature, not sensitized, which is suitable for infants, elderly, pregnant women and adults.

The product is made by high biotechnology and nanotechnology and adopts the method of stabbing and killing pathogen to kill bacteria and viruses.

Certifications issued by multinational testing institutions (including the United States FDA, New Zealand Quality Supervision Bureau) proved that it can be used for a long time 24 hours for sterilization. It is designed for person who are suffering from skin problems such as acne or difficult wound healing caused by bacteria. It is used once and effective for twenty-four hours and can effectively kill 99.99% various bacteria on skin surface. 


  • 50ml spray bottle size


  • 05/2023

📌 作 用 :本品含有ZOONO長效因子,使用後在表面形成穩固的ZOONO長效保護層,可持續殺滅99%以上的病毒、細菌、真菌各類病原體,保護面部免受病菌侵害。(日常清潔不影響其持續殺菌效果)安全溫和,滋潤不傷肌膚。無色、無味,而且不會弄髒衣物,亦不防礙妝容。其實,一次使用,已可長留肌膚,發揮效用,直至皮膚因新陳代謝自然脫落為止。適合用於身體其他易出暗瘡的皮膚位置。

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★ 容量:50ml(1ml份量可按2-3次)
★ 泵裝泡沬狀,可均勻抹於全面,小巧便攜
★ 使用方法:
潔淨面部肌膚後,均勻塗抹於面部,輕輕拍打至乾透。建議每天使用一次。 (特別提醒:未乾透前,請勿沖洗,以免影響持續抗菌效果。)期間可經歷多次抹洗而不減效力,直至皮膚表皮因為新陳代謝而自然脫落為止,期間不 須 補 搽!
★ 產地:紐西蘭
★ 主要活性成分:三甲氧基丙基二甲基十八烷基氯化銨、蘆薈提取液
★ 因產品本身不特別提供滋潤, 建議用後仍需塗抹補濕面霜更佳
★ 有效期:05/2023

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