Snow White Deluxe
Snow White Deluxe 白雪公主與小矮人遊戲
Snow White Deluxe 白雪公主與小矮人遊戲
Snow White Deluxe 白雪公主與小矮人遊戲

Snow White Deluxe 白雪公主與小矮人遊戲

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  • DEDUCTION FUN! Can you find out where Snow White goes? SmartGames Snow White Game, A Preschool Puzzle Game & Brain Game for Kids, Cognitive Skill-Building Challenges, Ages 4-7

  • BRAIN GAMES BUILD SKILLS: Your children can build upon their spatial insight, language, problem solving and flexible thinking while playing the Snow White preschool board game. It’s so fun to play, they’ll forget they’re learning!
  • PUZZLE INCLUDES: Large vertical house/game board, Snow White, Seven Dwarfs, Evil Queen, challenge booklet with solutions and a bonu colorful picture book.

  • AGES 4-7: Snow White is perfect for kids ages 4-7. With the 4 different skill levels of Starter, Junior, Expert, and Master, your little one is sure to find the perfect challenges to tease their brain and help them think outside the box.

  • AWARD-WINNING: SmartGames is the worldwide leader in multi-level, logic-based family fun games. Our award-winning games offer multi-level play from easy to challenging, and we pride ourselves in making family board games that are perfect for players of all ages.

    • 快把七個小矮人叫回屋內保護白雪公主!透過遊戲發展小孩子的空間感、識別不同顏色和符號及解難能力。
    • 根據每個挑戰咭上的提示,將門/窗打開/關上並把小矮小、白雪公主和邪惡的皇后放進屋子內。
    • 利用挑戰咭上的線索確定其餘角色在屋子內的正確位置。
    • 兩種玩法共48個挑戰 - 24個室內挑戰及24個室外挑戰,難度由淺入深。
    • Junior, Expert及Master級還有角色擺放位置的附加規則!
    • 另附有一本精美圖畫書,讓家長及小朋友一起享受講故事的時間。