Word Chunks Puzzles 得獎拆字拚音砌圖
Word Chunks Puzzles 得獎拆字拚音砌圖
Word Chunks Puzzles 得獎拆字拚音砌圖
Carson Dellosa

Word Chunks Puzzles 得獎拆字拚音砌圖

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The series of the Big Box of Puzzles are designed to build a strong foundation for learning and developmentally-appropriate curriculum for young and special learners.

These hands-on learning puzzles provide an engaging way to build early language, reading and writing skills.

Puzzles come with instructions, teaching suggestions, game ideas and easy to read, color-coded puzzle pieces.

  • 220 puzzle pieces (approx. 1.25" x 2.25")
  • Pieces are color-coded according to the vowel sounds in the word families and the beginning sounds
  • Supports NCTE standards
  • Supports NCTE standards
  • 4-page booklet with directions, teaching suggestions and games
  • Winner of the Creative Child Award

♚ 超 實 用 獲 獎 教 材 🏆 得 獎 拆 字 拚 音 砌 圖 ♚

又係趣味學習時間喇. 想孩子學多D英文生字, 齋睇齋背真係好鬼悶架 Mommy! 尤其而家K2就要默書串字, 有冇技巧方法幫佢容易D掌握好英文字詞發音結構等呢? 當然, 如果學習過程當中再加上小小趣味, 就更事半功倍咁啦~~~

呢一套榮獲🏅 Winner of the Creative Child Award 嘅併圖真係初學串字嘅秘密武器!! 大大盒有220塊配對 puzzle 字卡. 由小孩子開始學Phonics 發音, 學緊咩係Vowels, Consonant... 已可以比佢玩架, 用最常見的拼寫方法來開啟孩子發音意識! 佢仲有本teaching guide指導家長點玩點學架!

併併湊湊... 英文幾長嘅字詞只要識得拆開個別音節, 就識得點讀, 識得讀咪識得串囉~~ 掌握呢個技巧, 熟習佢, 輕鬆進級~~ 學拆字其實好玩又有用架~

🎈 includes 教 導 範 圍 :
word family pieces (-ead, -ee, -ub, -out, -ice, -at; 90 in all),
consonant blends (bl-, fr-, kn-, str-; 2 each of 30),
initial consonants (b, c..z; 3 each of 20),
consonant digraphs (2 each of ch-, wh-, sh-, th-, and ph-).

🏆 獲 Winner of the Creative Child Award 
★ 220套配對認字卡
★ 附教導指南, 有教學建議, 遊戲活動例子等
★ 6歲或以上合用 (美國5歲入學, 香港提早一點, 建議開始學Phonics可試玩!)
★ 100%原裝美國入口

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