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Flash Sale 🌸 Free Gifts for Order $300+
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Chicago Cutlery Cutting Boards
Chicago Cutlery 砧板
Chicago Cutlery

Chicago Cutlery 2-Pack Cutting Boards, Easy to clean 標準木砧板一套兩件, 有坑紋 (防肉汁流出砧板)

定價 $129.00 售價 $199.00 單價

This two-piece Chicago Cutlery Woodworks cutting board set has two sizes and many benefits. The boards are reversible for food hygiene - you can use one side for meats only. They have grooves to capture juices, making cleanup easy. And they wont dull your knives.  
  • Rubberwood 2-pc cutting board set includes 6-in x 8-in and 10-in x 14-in cutting boards

  • Reversible board reduces possible food contamination - use one side for meats and the other for fruits and vegetables 

  • Won't dull knives

  • Hand washing recommended

  • Juice grooves to keep liquids contained

美國七十五年歷史的高級烹飪工具品牌Chicago Cutlery,從廚房到餐桌,為妳帶來無限樂趣和舒適感的工具。耐用之餘,美觀得可以放置於餐桌上作為擺設也不為過!