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Envirosax Sesame Havana Reusable Shopping Bag
Envirosax 環保袋
Envirosax 澳洲購物袋hk

Envirosax Sesame Havana Reusable Shopping Bag 環保購物袋, 款式: 樹影

定價 $79.00 售價 $129.00 單價
Start your child out on the green foot with the reusable Sesame Street shopping bag from Envirosax. This durable, lightweight bag has a sweet print of their favorite character, and can be rolled up and snapped closed for handy storage. Forego those plastic and paper sacks: Every time you shop, you'll be cutting back on clutter and waste. There is no quick fix to the problem of global warming, but a lot of small steps in the right direction will add up to one big step. Educating the next generation in the responsible re-use of bags, Envirosax Kids will help tomorrow's future move in the right direction.

We were blown away by the quality & style of Envirosax reusable shopping bags. They' re lightweight, portable, water-resistant and surprisingly roomy - bag volume is bigger than other ultra-compacts we offer and each holds about double what you can fit in a standard plastic grocery bag. Plus, they look fantastic! What better way to spread the message of environmental sustainability than with a beautiful, eco-friendly product that you'll love using? Furthermore, they' re produced by a company fully committed to the environment.

  • Dimensions: 19.5 inches x 16.5 inches
  • Great bag for carrying the kids things around in or taking to the grocery
  • Lightweight polyester, portable, waterproof, and weighing just 1.4oz
  • Reinforced seams, this surprisingly large bag can hold a weight the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags. Rolls up and snaps shut to a compact 1 inch x 4 inch size making it ultra tiny to toss in your purse, pocket, or car.


🇳🇿澳 洲 Envirosax 被譽為真正環保的購物袋,採用了循環再生塑膠纖維製作,進一步減少購物袋對環境造成的負擔!係全球57個國家廣受歡迎!就連奧巴馬家庭,荷里活明星都鐘意用!佢唔止d Pattern夠時尚又多樣化, 款式有型嘅, 優雅嘅, Cutie嘅!收埋之後只有半隻手掌咁細,只重40g左右,輕過包Tempo! 但可以負荷20kg嘅嘢!即一個4歲小朋友嘅重量!大大個又防水又可揹上膊,上膊帶夠哂闊,不易「卸膊」,卸力之餘揹得又舒服!仲有一點係佢嘅製造物料合乎哂食物安全測試標準,盛載生果和蔬菜時不會將顏料和膠料殘留在食物上!夠好用喇掛!! 

◎ 通過多項食物安全及承載重量之專業測試
◎ 呎吋:打開後-19.5" x 16.5"
◎ 呎吋:摺起-4" x 1.5"
◎ 重1.4安士(40g)
◎ 可承載重量44磅(20kg)
◎ 防水
◎ 可手洗而不褪色
◎ 100%美國原裝入口