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Flash Sale 🌸 Free Gifts for Order $300+
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waterproof Apron
Ulster Weavers

Ulster Weavers Playtime Apron with long sleeves 小童防水長袖圍裙-英倫星際之旅, 愛爾蘭品牌

定價 $158.00 售價 $239.00 單價

Ulster Weavers Childs playtime apron - Unforgettable Journey.

Add a splash of fun to playtime or cooking!

A blue jumper with a fun elephant print is a perfect gift, particularly for young children who have a tendency to make a bit of a mess at playtime. Easy to put on and take off with a popper at the back.

Playtime Apron with long sleeves - 

  • Measures 15.7x 18.9 Inch
  • 20% - Cotton, 80% - Polyester
  • Playtime apron
  • Fits ages 2-3 years
  • Machine washable

PVC Apron - 

  • Measures: 22.4" x 16.5"
  • Deep blue with a friendly elephant print
  • Has a front pocket and yellow trim
  • Made from 100% cotton + PVC coating
  • Fits 120cm-160cm tall

BRAND - Ulster Weavers
Surrounded by smooth hills and beautiful nature, Ulster Weavers was founded in 1880 in Northern Ireland. Homeware such as aprons, mittens, and tea related items with modern natural designs, such as flowers or animals motifs, have been approved as a British Royal warrant since 1995.