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Flash Sale 🌸 Free Gifts for Order $300+
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Disney Pixar Cars toys
McQueen Car
Disney Pixar Cars Radiator Springs
Disney Pixar

Disney Pixar Cars Off-Road Characters & Rally Race Trackset, McQueen

定價 $295.00 售價 $395.00 單價

Disney/Pixar Cars movies focus on rich storytelling, daring adventures, friendship, humor, competition and becoming a true champion. This toy celebrates those enriching themes and encourages kids to go for it!

Animated Adventures

Computer generated (CG) animation is bold and visually stunning–and this set lets boys play in real time with the colorful, creative and all-new settings of the RS500 ½ toon. When connected to other Action Shifters sets, kids can also build out the entire world of Radiator Springs. Favorite spots and available sets include Flo’s V8 Café Dragstrip, Mater’s Tow Yard, Luigi’s Tire Shop and Ramone’s Body Shop. Each part of this charming small town plays a big role in our hero’s success.
Part of the Action

Action Shifters engage and move parts of the set so kids directly participate in the stories from Disney/Pixar Cars movies and Toons. Experience the thrill of racing up a rocky hill, navigating tough terrain, outwitting the competition, and being the first to cross the finish line.

What’s in the Box?

Off-Road Rally Race Connectable Play Set, 1 RS500 1/2 Lightning McQueen Character Car, additional piece of track

  • Recreate beloved scenes from the new Disney/Pixar Cars Toon, RS500 1/2
  • Includes Lightning McQueen with his cool off-road gear and movable suspension!
  • Uses a kid-powered Action Shifters lever for interactive play
  • Activate the trap door and send cars down into Tailpipe Cavern and on to the finish line
  • Set also works with most 1:55 scale die-cast character cars