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Flash Sale 🌸 Free Gifts for Order $300+
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Sort In The Box Logical Game
Sort in the Box
Chalk and Chuckles Sort In The Box
Chalk and Chuckles

Sort In The Box Logical Game 🔷🟡🟩🔺 木製分類邏輯訓練遊戲教材

定價 $235.00 售價 $299.00 單價 每

Sort In The Box is a learning center that teaches sorting and classification skills. It consists of a sturdy, wooden, 4 compartment sorting box. It has 60 object tiles to sort by characteristics across 12 sub-categories and 3 main categories: Animals, Shapes and Visual features. A versatile tool that takes sorting and classification to the next level! 

  • This product is hand crafted using wood and non-toxic inks.
  • The packaging is printed with soy-based ink and phthalate-free lamination on recycled paper.
  • Great for children learning vocabulary as well as those looking to develop logical thinking and visual perception skills.
  • Size: 12.13 x 3.27 x 4.45 inches
  • 1.72 Pounds
  • Recommended for ages 3 years and up

Note: Any wooden toy products may have traces or defects such as uneven coloring/wood grain/unsmooth surfaces. If it does not affect the purpose of usage, there will be no return or exchange. Please consider it before placing an order!

呢套美國名牌教材公司出嘅木製分類訓練遊戲箱玩具, 讓孩子係玩嘅同時, 可以認識多達60個不同詞彙名字, 仲可以掌握分類法原則同概念, 成件事有晒設計架, 唔怪得咁多知名playgroup 都選用佢啦!!!

事關佢出到嘅題目夠哂多樣性, 方便按程度調節深淺. 60張圖卡有齊物件圖象及詞彙名稱, 4格木箱可以提供12個屬性分類, 設計更方便隨時更換辨別難度添~ 趣味, 挑戰性兼備, 認字/ 邏輯訓練雙線進行, 實用度超強!

★ 一套包括: 60塊圖文並茂的卡片仔,12張種類名稱卡,四格可插卡及可揭蓋式遊戲分類木箱和答案指導
★ 提供多達12種類別,例如以動物歸類,以形狀歸類等等
★ 呎吋: 12.2'' W x 3.3'' H x 4.5'' D
★ 3歲或以上可玩 (可分階段按程度提早或推遲使用)
★ 教導詞彙,訓練邏輯思維和觀察力
★ 可由一至多位孩子同時參與遊戲
★ 木/ 紙製
★ 100% 原裝美國入口

【注 意】任何木製玩具產品,或會出現著色不均/木紋/不平滑等痕跡或暇疵,如非影響使用,否則恕不設退換,請衡量後才下單!