Make-a-Story Journal - Set of 3

Make-a-Story Journal - Set of 3 故事寫作練習簿

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★ 幼稚園老師推薦👩🏻‍🏫
★ 一套3本,每本32頁
★ 每本呎吋:9"高 x 7"闊
★ 版面設計:上截空白方便繪畫,下截有大細階輔助間線作為寫作用途
★ 包含100個高頻詞彙列表;故事啟動提示:角色/ 場景 情節,標題頁、作者介紹頁、關於故事的各種提問
★ 紙質&無塑料環保簡約包裝
★ 100% 美國原裝入口

There's plenty of space to practice story writing in this fun journal. With drawing space that invites students to create their own stories, it features a list of 100 high-frequency words and offers story starters. Each journal has a title page, author page and pages that ask writers questions about their stories.

  • Includes 3 journals
  • Paper / 32 pages each
  • Recommended for ages 5 years and up