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Rummikub Word 魔力橋數字牌遊戲
Rummikub Word
Rummikub NGT Word 「魔力橋」數字牌桌上遊戲 - 英文拼字旅行裝
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Rummikub NGT Word 「魔力橋」數字牌桌上遊戲 - 英文拼字旅行裝

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Whether playing with family or friends, the Rummikub experience is always fast paced, stimulating and loads of fun. Outwit your opponents with cool strategy and sharp moves. Each game is as different as the combination of melds (letter combinations) you choose to play! The object of the game is to make the longest possible words. You score according to the length of the word. Clear your rack and score double points. When the bank is emptied, the player with the highest score wins the game.

- 112 Letter tiles

- 4 Racks 


- For 2-4 players, Ages 7 & up
- To form the longest possible word and score the most points!

  • The word strategy game that's never the same!
  • A fast paced game of tile manipulation.
  • Make the longest words possible.
  • For ages: 7+ years

  • Rummikub Word 魔力橋數字牌桌上遊戲 - 英文拼字旅行裝

    以 「Rummikub 魔力橋數字牌遊戲」伸延出來的「Rummikub Word」,對小朋友來說串英文生字不再是惡夢,對大人們來說是更是英文生字重溫、鍛鍊腦筋重組、拆解、組合生字的好遊戲。一如「Rummikub 魔力橋數字牌」的口號:「Brings People Together」,Rummikub Word 可將人連結在一起,增進人與人之間的互動,更是一個很好的親子遊戲呢! 


    2至4人 (適合7歲或以上)

    3.沒有適當磚塊牌可以出的人,必須從共用牌中抽一張排放到自己的牌架上。 4.最早將自己牌架上的牌全部出完的人即是優勝者。

    RUMMIKUB WORD 英文版 - 接牌示範

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